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Field Operations

MBF Field Operations

Field Operations
Houston & Gulf Coast Area

Field Operations
Rocky Mountain Area & Midwest Area

As part of our ongoing effort to continually provide complete service and support to its clients, MBF Inspection Services has developed a Field Operations Group that will be available to act as a local contact for our clients. This will expedite our ability to interface with the client’s engineering staff and operation personnel. They will be available to discuss project needs and provide the project manager with résumés of qualified personnel for review and assist in the selection of inspectors and staffing.

Field Operations has the ability to assist with:

This gives the client time to establish modified project safety requirements and to make any design changes prior to project bidding and commencement of the actual construction.

In cases of emergency or for specialty projects, Field Operations personnel are available to move in quickly on site to cover the clients’ immediate project support. They will cover the project until an inspector can be moved in on site.

During the progress of the project, Field Operations personnel can perform Field Safety Audits for our clients. This insures that safety is being followed on the project, per the client’s requirements. They will assist the inspector and contractors in the improvement of safety and alert them to areas of concern.

Field Operations personnel will meet with clients on a regular basis to discuss our performance on their projects. This will give us an opportunity to discuss any problems or questions the client may have. We will also discuss changes in client requirements or in our operation. Future projects and timing can be reviewed to insure we meet the client’s needs.
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