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About Us

This is who we are

Shareholder demands for improved retained earnings have resulted in the creation of managerial concepts variously described as “partnering”, “team concept”, “business alliance”, etc. Many of these concepts result from the streamlining of operations; however, the continuing need for experienced hands-on personnel to engineer, insure safety/environmental compliance, design/manage, witness/inspect, and oversee construction projects has not diminished. The dilemma resulting from corporate streamlining of operations is that experienced individuals are no longer available as “staff employees”. MBF Inspection Services works hard to meet the challenge of filling this void for our customers.

“Third party”, “outsourcing”, “contract services”, “leased employees”, and “payroll services” are just some of the terms used to describe the service of providing experienced, hands-on personnel to perform the desired task at a level acceptable to the customer’s company’s standards. MBF Inspection Services prides itself on being one of very few service companies able to provide trained and qualified individuals to act as the customer’s quality assurance representative.

Our Goals at MBF Inspection Services are to provide the highest quality in inspection services while promoting strong safety awareness to our clients and their projects. MBF Inspection Services management believes that we must continually improve our internal quality program to keep abreast of the industry standards, technical innovations, and regulatory requirements. MBF Inspection Services commitment to quality and superior service provides our customers with well-trained and qualified personnel whose commitment to job safety and quality-of-work mirror the needs and requirements of the customer. Through partnering with our customers, we can achieve safety, compliance, quality, and cost effectiveness on projects. MBF Inspection Services is striving to become a strong asset rather than an expense to our customers.
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